Kitchen Remodeling

Our remodeling designers are delighted to help turn the most important part of your home into a dazzling new space you’ll be proud of. Let’s take your kitchen renovation ideas from the planning stage into reality. We will discuss all the intricate details to cater to your ideal space and design a perfect kitchen for you. We can look through a range of kitchen designs and pull ideas from classic to contemporary designs. Kitchen remodeling can be a big project including customized kitchen cabinets, plumbing, and electrical work. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, your family gatherings will be that much more wholesome to your family and guests. With our long history, our craftsmanship shows in our work as we construct every fine detail.

Bathroom Remodeling

Our professional design staff are ready to turn your bathroom into a genuine sanctuary for all members of the family. Together we can come up with a design that answers all the decor, the bathroom features, and the finished detail elements that transform your bathroom into a world-class spa retreat. A1 Capital Construction can rejuvenate all your bathroom details such as the harmonizing decors, color theme, and of course all the design features. A full collection of bathroom restoration choices will be offered to you right down to towel rails, fittings, tubs, and more. Let’s sit down and choose from a dramatic collection of gorgeous faucets, shower heads, luxury bathtubs, shower and accessories. Let's get started to turn your bathroom into a lush, soothing personal paradise.

Basement Remodeling

Add a refreshed look to an otherwise dull space by introducing newfound space, style, and decor. Incorporating your ideas for you reimagined basement, we can deliver on every facet of the process with precision and clarity. Working closely with each of our clients, we establish details early on in the project to make the process very straightforward from beginning to end. Introducing game rooms, storage spaces, lounges, and more to your basement is just the scratching the surface of what A1 Capital Construction is capable of with your next basement renovation.

Room Additions

Adding a room to your home can prove to be challenging from a design perspective but with our expertise, countless concepts are possible. Our professional designers take your ideas from wanting to add a much-needed kids room or a simple relaxed lounge area. We work close with you to make the room addition a seamless evolution in both the design and construction, blending all changes into the present decor of your home. A1 Capital Construction can present new room addition designs or make your ideas come to life by designing it together. We can take care of every detail from wiring, plumbing, lighting, accent, and more. Our designers will meet with you and discuss the fine details of the project as well as work out transparent, real world costs.